What am I seeing here? What are these pictures showing ? What does it all mean? To make money online you first need traffic to your site. This means that your site has to appear at the top of search results because this is where people go to shop.

What you are seeing is proof that a single small business can appear on page one of a google search multiple times, sometimes covering an entire page. What this does is moves competitors from the page and puts them further back in search results.

Shoppers today no longer use the yellow pages. They don't even dial the operator for information. In today's market shoppers have computers in the palm of their hand and they use these mobile computers (phones) for everything. When they shop for what they want, what you are selling, you need for your business to appear in their screen. If your business does not appear on these millions of mobile devices and personal computer screens, well you know what happens. Nothing. You miss sales and your competition will get them just by appearing on the front page of the search.

Does your business show up when consumers shop online ? Find out yourself by going to Google.com and typing in the keyword you would use to find your own product. If you don't see your own business on the first page (or even the 4th or 5th page) you should be giving us a call at (215) 559-4560.

Do you need to dominate search engine results for your niche market ? Had you considered expanding into more cities ? Do you need a little help with your Search Engine Optimizing efforts for your product or service ?

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Take a moment to recall some of you most recent satisfied clients. Reach out to them after the fact and ask if they wouldn't mind leaving a feedback note.  Remind them that you work hard at keeping a five star review rating.  This should easily bring in a positive review or two per month! 

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Who is ShakespeareSeo? Just a few short years ago he was the man (Click to Preview) in the red shirt. Now search results are like the top row of four shown at the top of the page.

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